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SMF Batteries

SMF batteries are high quality, maintenance-free batteries produced at a state of the art manufacturing facility with advanced battery manufacturing technologies and high-purity materials. It has a long float and cyclic life span, high specific energy, and low self-discharge rate. Completely leak proof, it has excellent anti-corrosion properties and performs flawlessly in varying temperature conditions.

Range Available from 7AH to 240AH



  • Designlife of 5 to 10 years at 27°C, depending on the model
  • Superior Lead Calcium alloy grid with high density active materials
  • Excellent cyclic performance and recovery after over-discharging
  • High-purity material ensuring low self-discharge
  • Valve-regulated (sealed) construction for sale operation in any position
  • Tank formed plates optimize cell voltage balance and performance
  • Completely leak proof and maintenance-free
  • Compact design with high power to power ratio
  • High impact ABS casing


  • UPS backup
  • Emergency lighting
  • Telecommunications power supply
  • DC power supply
  • Electronic weighing machines
  • Railway signalling systems
  • Medical equipment
  • Network communication equipment
  • Power stations systems and Power plants


Luminous, Magnus, Exide, Amaron, JC

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